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Achieve better health, better care, and lower cost

Most healthcare organizations focus on the triple Aim, but neglect the critical fourth of Workplace Joy. By focusing on the latter, all four Aims can be achieved.

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The Benefits of Designing Equity

The benefits of designing equity into the workplace translate into changes in culture, which impact, not only employee morale, but the bottom line as well. 

Our Difference

The Kōhei Group is a management consulting firm focused on driving better organizational outcomes by designing equity systems that increase employee engagement.

Kōhei (公平) is the Japanese word for equity and was selected to honor the Toyota Way, which serves as the main inspiration of how we work.

There are many competitors in our field, but few with our credentials. In 2017, our founder became the first professional to become Shingo Lean Gold certified in the service sector. The Shingo Prize is the world’s highest standard for organizational excellence.

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Unique Insights

At the Kōhei Group we pride ourselves in being thought-leaders in management consulting. Click on one of the blog posts below to read some of our unique insights and join our mailing list to receive updates on when new content is posted.