The Kōhei Group

The Kōhei Group is a management consulting firm focused on driving better organizational outcomes by designing equity systems that increase employee engagement.

Kōhei (公平) is the Japanese word for equity and was selected to honor the Toyota Way, which serves as the main inspiration of how we work.

Principle Driven

At the Kōhei Group we believe in using a set of universal principles to guide how we behave internally or externally when working with our clients.

Be impeccable with your word

We believe anything can be accomplished through the power of positive thought. By speaking well of ourselves and of others, we foster a positive environment. 

Don’t take anything personally 

Transformation is difficult and fear is a natural human reaction. We believe it’s our duty as coaches to recognize fear (and any negative actions associated with it) and help our clients move into courage. 

Don’t make assumptions

Ego and bias can be and often are destructive. We believe in data and making scientific decisions. 

Always do your best

With the right plan in place, it is important to move at a pace that realizes results but that doesn’t burn people out.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

92 (vs. 51 industry avg.)

% of clients who improved KPIs


Client awards achieved as result of engagement

2019 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for best practices in the Leadership Category.

‘A’ rating in patient safety according to a national study by The Leapfrog Group​.


Our Founder

The Kōhei Group was founded by Daniel Custódio, LinkedIn,  with the intent of using Lean principles to make the workplace a more equitable place for all. Daniel has 20 years of experience as a fortune 100 executive in industry and as an independent consultant where he has led several large scale transformations impacting up to 48,000 employees. Daniel is the first recipient of the Shingo Lean Gold certification in services and is one of eight to hold the honor in the world. He is the author of Sacred Workday: How to Build an Awe-Inspiring Business

Daniel graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in mathematics, the Kellogg School of Management with an MBA, and an advanced degree from MIT in Enterprise Transformation.

Sacred Workday: How to create an awe-inspiring business contains 20 years’ worth of knowledge regarding how to transform a business, large or small, using principles of continuous improvement. This proven blueprint has been used by executives in all industries, from financial services to healthcare, to improve their bottom line and reach levels of performance never-before-imagined.